Find inspiration

Before going into your maternity session we recommend finding inspiration through other inspirational resources like Pinterest, Instagram or coming up with your own ideas. This is very helpful because it allows the photographer to have a better idea of the types of photos you are looking for & ensures a successful session.

Choose a maternity photographer that you’re comfortable with

In order to have beautiful, natural photos, you'll need to find a photographer that works just for you. Keep in mind that all photographers have different styles and personalities. Therefore, it's crucial to find a photographer that'll make you feel at ease, comfortable, and fits your style. Remember, you will spend time working with the photographer even before you book your session, so ask questions, and get to know the photographer. Details matter!


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What's a good time to have the session?

We recommend having your maternity photos taken in the third trimester of your pregnancy, between 30-35 weeks or 7-8 months along. By this time, your belly will be noticeably round and perfect for those awesome shots! However, each woman is different, and there are no rules against having your photo session taken before this recommendation.

What to wear

When choosing an outfit for your session we suggest something tight and stretchy to show off your beautiful baby bump. We also suggest wearing a nude seamless strapless bra and nude underwear for comfort, look, and style.

Choosing an outdoor session? The most important thing to consider is aesthetics. We recommend choosing an outfit that contrasts with the background. Most pregnancy sessions happen during the summer and fall, so it's in your best interest to consider light colors like pinks, whites, browns, melon, etc. according to where the session will be taking place.

What about In-Studio? Definitely an option when looking for something more traditional, classy and unique. When working with clean backdrops, wearing an outfit that is solid colored brings out the intimacy and focus of you. Nevertheless, a floral dress can work as well when having a more creative set. We recommend you have a consultation with your photographer about the different options available for your in-studio maternity session.

We offer a FREE one-hour (1) consultation at our cozy studio located in the historic downtown area of Brownsville, TX. To book your free consultation simply send us an email.


What location should I choose?

Deciding whether an outdoor or in-studio session is best for you is a big decision (and thinking about it can be exhausting!), luckily we’ve got your back! Here are a few things to consider when choosing your location.

Start by thinking about comfort. Think about what time of day you feel most energized and happy. You know your body perfectly, and at times the session can be overwhelming, so carefully choose the timing of the day that best suits you. As mentioned before, most pregnancy sessions are taken during the summer and fall, so don’t forget about the weather, look at the weather app to keep updated.